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Allan M Gardner

Oxfordshire-based Music Electronics Engineer

  Hand-Built Amplifiers
I hand-build amplifiers in the traditional point-to-point way, using turret tags mounted on fibre-glass boards. This takes longer than modern mass-produced printed circuit boards, but every stage is built with loving care to produce an amplifier that I am proud to put my name on. I use traditional amplifier designs, but adding my own 'magic' to end up with an amplifier that out-performs the originals.

Amgard Studio Tweed 20
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Amplifier Servicing

If your amp isn't sounding like it used to, or you have some gigs coming up, then have it checked out to make sure it is peforming like it should. Valve amps are more vulnerable to the rigours of the road, but any amp could use some tender loving care now and again.

In a general service I will cover:
  • Visual check of the whole amp: cabinet, speaker, chassis, etc.
  • All connections: eg. switches, pots, jacks, valve bases.
  • Check that all valves are doing what they should and not doing what they shouldn't: eg. microphonic, noisy, unbalanced phase splitter, low gain.
  • Make sure the biasing is correct.

  • If any repairs are required I will let you know what and how much it is going to cost before going ahead with the work.
      Amplifier Repairs
    If you already know your amp needs some repairs, or something has been found during a routine service, then I can sort it out for you at our standard rate.
      PAT Testing
    For your peace of mind I can check that your amp is electrically safe to use, and issue a 'Portable Appliance Certificate of Inspection & Test'. (see 'Charges')
    Note that some event hosts, hotels etc, are requiring that pa / musical electrical items are tested prior to the performance.