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Allan M Gardner

Oxfordshire-based Music Electronics Engineer
Amgard Studio Tweed 20


I'm sorry to announce that the Amgard Studio Tweed 20 is no longer available.
It has been a pleasure to develop and build, and the owners who have snapped them up love them as much as I do.
I'm keeping the original description here for anyone interested enough to read it ;-)

This amp is based on a well-loved, traditional design but with significant modifications to drastically reduce the noise floor, making this model ideal for studio, close-miked applications.

It retains the vintage warmth and organic feel loved by so many guitarists, but is also ideal for blues harmonica, given the right choice of speaker.

Speakers options include :-
Jensen P12Q which has a very warm, mid-focused bite with clear, bright highs. When presented with overdrive distortion the P12Q remains well-balanced.

Celestion G12M Greenback featuring a ceramic magnet structure. which presents its own unique tonal characteristics. The Greenback has a loud and assertive character that sounds great when pushed into overdrive. The speaker has evolved over the decades and still presents that instantly familiar woody tone, delivered with a knockout punch.


Amplifier Details:-

Hand-wired, all valve 20Watt electric guitar amplifier.
Hand wired turret board construction.
Valve design with point-to-point vintage circuitry.
The hand-wired circuitry is carefully designed for that vintage tone but with minimum noise.
This amp uses high-quality valves further selected and graded by me.
Finger jointed cabinet for increased structural strength.
Genuine lacquered tweed amp covering and vintage brown/gold grille cloth.
Brown Leather strap handle (Black available as no-cost option).
Corner protectors as standard (can be supplied without)
4 inputs: 2 normal and 2 Bright.
2 x Volume and 1 x Tone controls.
2 x 6V6 output valves.
2 x 12AX7 preamp valves.
Single 5AR4 valve rectifier.
Dimensions: 52 x 25 x 43 (cm).
Weight: 18.2kg (depending on speaker choice)
Custom cover included.

Price: no longer available


What people have said:-

"There are sweet spots to be found in it at all volume settings. Clean, it chimes beautifully and, depending on your attack and how you set the controls, crunches and distorts in a way that feels, for want of a better word, very natural." - Sound On Sound magazine (March 2015)

"Overall, the Amgard Studio Tweed 20 is a responsive, well-voiced and tonally balanced amplifier with an extremely low noise floor. This amp is a pleasure to play through and rewarding to record." - Sound On Sound magazine (March 2015)

"If you’re looking for a hand-built boutique valve guitar amp that will cover all the bases and that won’t break the bank, then you really should get your hands on an Amgard Studio Tweed 20. I’m extremely tempted to hang on to this one!" - Sound On Sound magazine (March 2015)

"Although this is marketed as a ‘studio’ amp, it has more than enough volume for a small pub gig, and using a suitable DI box plugged into the Tweed 20’s extension speaker jack would let you feed your sound to a PA for that stadium gig." - Sound On Sound magazine (March 2015)

"The amp is utterly fantastic. Wonderful rounded sweet 3D sound, no flub on the low E, decent volume, the channels interact nicely, incredibly low noise floor. Fantastic quality construction.

"Of my amps, it sounds most like the Carr Sportsman, which is basically a "warmer" Princeton but also has a mid control that makes it quite tweedy when cranked. The Amgard holds its own against that. That's saying something given the Sportsman's rep as one of the great amps. Maybe the Carr has a sweeter high end, but that may be the difference between the circuits rather than any actual shortcoming on the tweed."

"I have no tweeds to compare it with other than my memories of the Cornell Romanies I had, and a Fender Tweed Deluxe I tried years ago, and it wipes the floor with all of them without a doubt."

"That's amazing I want two!"

You're all searching for something; clean but still a bit ballsy; that can break a bit. To get that when you get the old amps you get a load of other s**t that comes with it, (but) with this you haven't got it, it really is a studio amp!"

"Sounds just like an old Fender."


Demo and review by Dollar Bill :-